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Fortified wines are not only for drinking fireside on a cold night... they are a versatile bunch and there are so many ways to enjoy them. We have come up with quite a few ideas and what's not to love about a Tim Tam Slam with a glass of Muscat?

Check out some of our recipe ideas below.


Sangrias are so easy to make, are absolute crowd pleasers and perfect for any sundowner event. The recipe below uses our Ruby Slipper but it also works really well with our Glass Slipper


In the cooler months or during the festive time of the year you may want to consider a Mulled Wine. Super easy to make and if you have a slow cooker its a match made in heaven. Pop all the ingredients into the slow cooker, warm it up and then keep it on low to enjoy a long evening with plenty of mulled wine for everyone.


In the summer its nice to mix things up and maybe try a fortified with some tonic. Perfectly paired with smoked almonds and olives, The Long Glass Slipper is a winner.

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