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Our Wines

Glass Slipper

A small parcel of Chardonnay and Semillon grapes from Rosa Brook was selected for Glass Slipper. The grapes were handpicked, crushed and pressed before commencing fermentation. Brandy spirit was later added to halt fermentation early, resulting in a sweeter and higher alcohol fortified wine. The wine was kept on lees for 12 months and matured in aged Cognac barrels.


Glass Slipper is a white fortified wine that displays hints of lemon, lime and meringue. Fortified with a premium brandy spirit to achieve 18% alcohol, Glass Slipper is perfect as is or serve chilled as an aperitif with an optional splash of tonic or soda water.

Ruby Slipper

Ruby Slipper is a blend of Margaret River Shiraz and Tempranillo up to 5 years of age. A combination of hand and machine harvesting was used. All batches are crushed into large open fermenters and the twice daily foot trod until natural fermentation begins. Brandy spirit is added to halt the fermentation at a predetermined residual sweetness. The wines are matured in aged Cognac barrels before final blending into Ruby Slipper.

Ruby Slipper is a red fortified wine that displays hints of cherries, chocolate and raspberry jam. Fortified with a premium brandy spirit to achieve 18% alcohol, Ruby Slipper is perfect to serve as is or add a splash to your bubbles to make Ruby Sparkles.


Pink Slipper Pink Fortified Wine

Pink Slipper is a rosè style young fortified wine made from Shiraz grapes. The fruit is picked and pressed immediately. The resultant pink juice is fermented and fortified using an aromatic brandy spirit. This wine is then settled, filtered and ready for bottling early, requiring no barrel maturation.

Pink Slipper displays hints of candied strawberries, fairy floss and red berry fruits. Its no overly sweet and is delicious on ice as is, but makes an excellent summer sprizter with soda water and some summer fruits.

Barrel Aged Muscat

A small parcel of Brown Muscat grapes from Dunsborough were handpicked and basket pressed to make this limited release wine. Grape spirit was added during the winemaking process to halt fermentation and fortify the wine, before it was aged for 24 months in old Cognac barrels.

Arthur Wines Barrel Aged Muscat is youthful and sweet with aromas of rose petal, vanilla and Turkish delight. Fortified with a premium spirit and aged in Cognac barrels it is deliciously luscious. Perfect for dessert and pairs well with dark chocolate, blue cheese or caramalised fruit based dishes.


Reserve Tawny

This blend was first thought of in 2010 and is a reflection of the patience and persistence of fortified winemaking. The best parcels of Shiraz and Tempranillo are selected and a small amount of this is set aside to go into our modified Tawny Solera System. It quietly ages in our smaller ex-cognac barrels until finally we have our first Tawny blend ready to enjoy.

Arthur Wines Reserve Tawny is a complex aged wine with an average barrel age of 8 years. It displays hints of caramel, vanilla and candied walnuts. Delicious on its own or why not pair it with a butterscotch pudding, a cheese platter or just enjoy simply with your favourite chocolate.

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